Island Survey Systems

Terms and Conditions

  1. Instruction: Before on-site work commences the Client agrees to inform Island Survey Systems of Instruction and the acceptance of quotation strictly by post or by e-mail to the above address, giving any particular instructions (such as Agent’s name, base/site plans, or access arrangements). The Client agrees that Drawings will not be utilised until payment has cleared.

  2. The Survey Drawing: One copy of the Drawing will be provided to the client or his/her agent as instructed. Additional copies can be provided at a cost of £25.00 if requested. The Report will be produced for the sole use of the named Client and his legal advisors. It is not to be reproduced to a third party, without permission in writing. The paper Drawings will take precedence over any verbal or e-mail information provided and Copyright for all drawings is strictly reserved to Island Survey Systems Ltd.

  3. Terms of Payment: The Client agrees to pay the fee as quoted and any subsequent costs as agreed in writing prior to the release of the drawing and understands that drawings will not be released until payment is received unless special arrangement have been agreed directly with Mr A. Foulkes. All such arrangements are limited to a maximum payment period of 14 days.

  4. Cancellation: The Client will be entitled to cancel this contract by notifying the Surveyor’s office at any time before the day of the site visit. The Surveyor will be entitled not to proceed with the provision of the Service (and will so report promptly to the Client) if after arriving at the Property, he or she concludes that it is inappropriate to do so for reasons of Health and Safety or he or she has insufficient specialist knowledge to be able to provide the Service satisfactorily.

  5. Liability: The Drawing provided is solely for the use of the Client and the Client’s professional advisers, and no liability to anyone else is accepted.