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To the Isle of Wight, S. England, established in 1993.

We pride ourselves on supplying absolutely accurate topographic data, gathered from site using new robotic Trimble S3 Total Station and data collector, with Geosite software. Our professionally trained and experienced engineers collect and record on-site data, draw, and check each survey. All surveys are ‘tailor finished’ to suit the clients needs, utilising the intimate knowledge gained on-site and from our experience. Island Survey Systems Ltd, will benefit your project with excellent local knowledge, flexible staff and the personnel service you might traditionally expect of a small, reasonably priced local company.

Each client whether layman, developer, utilities company project manager or exacting architect, will receive data that immediately makes sense, and is designed to specifically support their project. Our local, National and International clients use us and come back to us because of the speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness of our services; confidently knowing they can rely on us; some clients actually never visit their site.

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